Links 10/18/12

Links for you. Science:

Victorian microscope slides
Broad Tests PacBio for Human Sequence Validation Work
Meet a science committee that doesn’t get science
Will Eating a Jar of Gummy Vitamins Kill My 4 Year Old?
NIH re-evaluating two strikes rule


The Cynic and President Obama (excellent)
The deficit tango: 20 years of New Dem windmill tilting (Democrats “keep doing the Republicans’ dirty work for them and getting blamed for the bad results. No matter how hard they try, Mean Villagers just won’t give them any credit.”)
Downton Abbey Economics (while we’re on the subject of history repeating itself….)
Michael Brutsch, ViolentAcrez, and Online Pseudonyms (the best thing I’ve read on the whole Gawker outing)
What Are the Gobshites Saying These Days?
Biden and Ryan Tee Up “The Grand Bargain” in the Vice Presidential Debate
Private Equity Exposed: A Lawsuit Blows the Lid Off Shady Deals
So Where is Schneiderman? Computerized Robosigning Has Made Its Debut
Jesuit priest on abortion: Not all moral law should be civil law
The Folly of Subsidizing Retail
That awkward moment you realise the stop button for the escalator is at the bottom
27 Reasons Why Kids Are Actually The Worst
Republicans and Consent: The Former Will Never Grasp the Latter Concept
Don’t Pity the Rich: The Great Recession Was Worst on the Poor
Paul Ryan’s poverty tourism

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