Links 10/14/12

Links for you. Science:

Cancer institute tackles sloppy data: Funder demands better evidence for biomarkers in clinical trials.
Humongous Disembodied Eyeball Washes Up On Florida Beach (turns out it was from a swordfish)
Scientists May Feel Rejected, but Few Journals Just Say No, Study Finds
MRSA Researchers Identify New Class of Drug Effective Against Superbug
A battle-scarred mantis


Questions at VP debate reveal bankrupt Beltway thinking (excellent)
VP Debate 2012: The Real Paul Ryan Is Bad for America
Americans Are Barmy Over Britishisms
Brad DeLong Beats Me to Responding to Nick Rowe
Is debt a burden on future generations? It depends
Martha Raddatz and the faux objectivity of journalists
Can PBS Survive Without A Government Subsidy?
Ryan’s constitutional cognitive dissonance
Joe Biden’s Laugh And What Really Happened When Gore Sighed
Lil Luke Russert Totally Wants To Bro-Pump Iron With Paul Ryan (for a press corps obsessed with ‘dignity’, Luke Russert is just an idiot frat boy. Also, dumber than a sack of hammers)
Watch your wallet: David Walker’s got a new plan
Restaurant chain uses Obamacare as excuse for cuts it was probably planning to make anyway
Mitt Romney is the wrong choice for healthcare
Warren/Brown III: The Night of Nonsense Liberation

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  1. billwhitedg says:

    Dear Mad,

    I very much appreciate your no nonsense dismissal of global warming denialists and the anti vaccination crowd, among others.

    My question is where do you stand on the high fructose corn syrup controversy? Some say HFSC is worse than other sweeteners while others say calories are calories and all calories are equal

    Any thoughts?

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