Links 10/13/12

Links for you. Science:

Economics and genetics meet in uneasy union
Generating MLST profiles from short-read data
Rejection improves eventual impact of manuscripts
A diamond bigger than Earth? (of course, if we have the power generation ability to reach that planet, we’ll be able to manufacture diamonds de novo)
I know what if feels like to sports dope


Children and Grandchilden Do Not Pay for Budget Deficits, They Get Interest on the Bonds (must-read)
Diane Ravitch Asks, I Write
Social Security: President Obama’s Biggest Failure in Last Week’s Debate
How to stop creeps who photographically stalk women
Wake the F Up: The 2 Jobs of Barack Obama, Polite Man
A Note
How the Hype Became Bigger Than the Presidential Election
Today’s Reminders that Abortion Opponents Hate Women More Than Love Embryos
Ethical standards in different data communities
Weir alright: After 30 years, Dukakis, others break ground on Muddy River cleanup
Quick Thoughts on Fisher v. UT
Why Are College Textbooks So Expensive?
People Don’t Kill People. Deregulation Kills People.
Remember, Remember, the 8th of November
What the tweakers have in mind for you
Strikes at Walmart Stores, Warehouses Spread to 12 States: Is the Retail Giant in Trouble?
How People Profit from Your Online Mug Shot and Ruin Your Life Forever

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