Links 10/11/12

Links for you. Science:

Why So Many Parents Are Delaying or Skipping Vaccines
Seqbench: A useful meta-database of sequence reads from multiple platforms (very cool resource)
Danger: NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof is emitting formaldehyde
Drug expert explains how generics do and do not differ from brand-name drugs
A Fat, Mustachioed Orphan Finds a Home


Today’s lesson: charters do not outperform unionized schools (must-read; keep in mind that charters typically have fewer low-income and special-needs children)
Agenda 21: Some Conspiracies Are Better Than Others
Reasons Liberal Debate-Watchers Should Chill Out (though how Andrew Sullivan became a liberal escapes me)
No Safe Haven: Shrinking Pool of Affordable Housing Creates Additional Hardship for Survivors of Domestic Abuse
My dog, the paradox
Upper Crust files for bankruptcy: Beset by labor, ownership disputes, gourmet pizza chain says it owes $3.4m
American Fail Lines: The airline that can’t get its passengers to their destinations on time, manage its workers, or even keep its seats bolted down (if only Yglesias would show the same respect to teachers that he does pilots)
A mother’s lament after learning the grades of her sons’ schools
8 Facts That Prove Our Govt. Is Not Going Broke (pretty good although it doesn’t touch on the issue of fiat currency)
Kids Tagged With RFID Chips? The Creepy New Technology Schools Use to Track Everything Kids Do — And the Profit Motive Behind It (I really wouldn’t want to be a kid today. That makes me very sad)
The Constant Attention to Individual Polls Is Hurting America
Right-Wingers Would Be Shocked to Learn That Islam Has Been Part of American History Since Its Founding

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