Links 9/26/12

Thanks to the Blogerator 9600, links roll on even during yontif. Science:

Altmetrics: what’s the point?
Women in science: you have nothing to fear but your own subconscious (title isn’t really what the article is about)
The Obesity Paradox (very good)
National Zoo: newborn panda cub had liver abnormalities, and fluid in abdomen


The Last Four Years in One Quote (must-read)
All Economists Do Not Agree that Mitt Romney’s Tax Rate Should be Low
‘We Built It’? Republicans’ invocation of entrepreneurism has a hollow ring: Romney and Ryan aim to boost business start-ups as an engine of growth. In fact, they’re setting more people up for failure
We Are the 96 Percent (if we got rid of tax deductions, and instead, sent people checks for the equivalent amounts, I’m convinced more people would think differently about ‘government’)
Meeting A Troll…
I’m a Minnesota Viking, and I think the Packers got screwed.
Republican Darrell Issa Wins ‘Most Corrupt’ Award From Non-Partisan Watchdog Group CREW
Romney Campaign Volunteer Says She Works For Clerk’s Office, But Only Registering Romney Voters
NFL Referees Strike: Fans Must Tune Out for Labor to Succeed
I’m Out
Myths on American schooling
School Choice: Boston Public Schools Proposes Five Options

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