Links 9/25/12

Links for you. Science:

In Prehistoric Britain Cannibalism Was Practical and Ritualistic
Is Raw Milk Really Good for You?
“Mommy, why do I need to wash my hands if I only pee?”


Puncturing Myths about the White Working Class
Did that car just wink at you?
Every State’s State/Local Tax System Taxes the Poor More than the Wealthy–And All Exceed Federal Taxes
Breaking up with the NFL
In which they don’t make authorship like they used to
China in Revolt
FiveThirtyEight: The Number of Things Nate Silver Gets Wrong About Climate Change (technobrat powers, activate!)
Matt Yglesias’ China Syndrome
The moral case for sex before marriage
That’s Not Teacher-Like
Want to Change Academic Publishing? Just Say No
Why Are New York’s Teen Pregnancy Rates So Much Lower Than Mississippi’s?

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  1. onkelbob says:

    Reading the article on raw milk indicates a conflation of pasteurization and homogenization. Pasteurization is done for safety and health reasons. (I know someone who got brucellosis from raw milk.) Homogenization is done for other reasons (mostly stability of product). I loved Trader Joe’s pasteurized not homogenized milk and wish I could find it here. However, I would never drink unpasteurized milk. I have seen dairy farms up close and personal, milked a few cows in my time, and handled the product. No way I’m drinking that stuff. Now if we can just get real butter milk in the stores…

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