And If You’re Lucky, You Can Get Him to Headline Your Conference For Only $75,000

Among the many things that make me want to smack most pundits with a dead fish is the discovery (whether fake or real) of the obvious. Niall Ferguson takes his turn at being Master of the Obvious in explaining why Obama might be doing well in spite of the economy:

The economy isn’t the No. 1 issue, despite what people say. The more I watch of this election, the more I incline toward this last explanation….

And let’s not forget abortion. For many women, the suspicion that banning abortion, if not contraception too, would be item No. 1 on the Romney-Ryan to-do list trumps all other considerations. The Obama campaign played this card with great success over the summer, with more than a little help from Rep. Todd Akin.

Or maybe, just maybe, this election is boiling down to a contest between white non-Hispanic men and everyone else. After all the high hopes of 2008, it will be depressing if that is the outcome of the Obama presidency: an electorate split along the dividing lines of race and sex.

You mean people will vote based on issues of identity and for non-economic reasons? What stunning insight.

Like I noted in the post title, you can invite Ferguson and receive other, similar brilliant insights for the low, low price of $50,000 – $75,000.

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2 Responses to And If You’re Lucky, You Can Get Him to Headline Your Conference For Only $75,000

  1. Dave Dell says:

    Not knowing a thing about him, I recorded several hours of Niall doing History on PBS. One of my major’s in college. Had to delete the recordings after the first twenty minutes.Vapid. Jejune. Verging on “not even wrong”.

  2. albanaeon says:

    Why exactly do we have a class of people that make so much money by either getting wrong the obvious or stating the obvious like a divine revelation?

    Is this another “Why we can’t have nice things” thing?

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