Links 9/12/12

Links for you. Science:

ENCODE says what?
Why I published a paper on my blog instead of a journal
Tetramorium pulcherrimum
Limiting citations is unscholarly journal practice
Why citations shouldn’t be limited by journals


Why I’m striking, JCB (about the Chicago teachers’ strike)
Things that don’t bode well for college students in this economy.
I’m a Porn Star, and if You Harass Me I Will Punch You in the Balls
The trouble with TED talks: In the cult of TED, everything is awesome and inspirational, and ideas aren’t supposed to be challenged
Press Statement on Chicago Teachers Strike–Dr Mark Naison, Fordham University
CPS Fails To Negotiate Fair Contract To Prevent First Strike In 25 Years
Federal air marshal gets probation for punching Occupy Boston organizer, stealing her phone
OLD PHDS NEED NOT APPLY (by ‘old’, we mean ~32 years of age)
“It Smelled Something Like Pizza”: New documents reveal how Apple really invented the iPhone
Teacher Retirees: These are our people. This was us. Join me at CPS this afternoon.
Party Like It’s 1984
It Is Impossible For The US To Default
Peter Pomerantsev–In Brighton Beach
Seven Ways to End the Deficit (Without Throwing Grandma Under the Bus)–these are good policies, no need to bring the deficit into it
Remembering 9/10: How the GOP hated NYC until it was politically expedient to love it
The Fallacy of Treating Health Care as an Industry
‘We’re going to fight for what’s right for the kids’: Chicago teachers on why they’re striking
Farewell to Bill

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2 Responses to Links 9/12/12

  1. JohnV says:

    The USDA does the same thing with their research associate positions. PhD with fewer than 5 years experience. So in my case if you got a PhD in 2006 at 26 years old, in 2012 you can go fuck yourself and be unemployed at 32 :p

    • JohnV says:

      Just to clarify, I should have said “continue to be unemployed”, meaning be ineligible to apply for positions they are listing.

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