Links 9/7/12

Links for you. Science:

This Is What Extinction Sounds Like
Organic Food Isn’t More Nutritious, But That Isn’t the Point
Why Dogs Hump
The bioinformatics software we really need?
‘Gutter oil’ went into Chinese-made antibiotics, officials say


Japanese poverty: Who’s to blame? (excellent, although Noah is too nice–like Charles Murray, Caplan is simply dressing up movement conservatism dogma in pseudo-intellectual clothes)
Some basics on the economy
What Obama Won’t Say in Charlotte: War on Terror Is Done
Despite what Ryan and the GOP claim, rights come from government, not God
Former Democratic Strategists Now Boost GOP
Five Recommendations For Reporting On (Or Just Interpreting) State Test Scores
The Fake Election: 10 Arguments The Republicans Aren’t Making
The U.S. $16 trillion debt
New School Year Brings More Cuts in State Funding for Schools (this is a huge source of ‘counter-stimulus’)
The Water-Park Scandal and Two Americas in the Raw: Are We a Nation of Line-Cutters, or Are We the Line?
Veritas Schmeritas: The Harvard Cheating Scandal
The gold standard and economic growth
Income Inequality: Powers That Be Won’t Take It Up, Occupy Can’t Take It to the Bank, and It’s Still Very Real
Late Night Open Thread: In Galtian Paradise, Irony Owns You!
Poor are not part of narrative for either convention
Remember, the Question Is “Are YOU Better Off?” Not “Is Your Boss Better Off?”
The Orthodox Democrats and a Big Gay Minority Party

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