Links 9/4/12

Links for you. Science:

NCBI. Why? Why? Why is the default database for blasting “human G+T”
Autism Study Reveals No Genetic Associations
Your Urine is Not a Window to Your Body: pH Balancing – A Failed Hypothesis


Bugged (must-read)
My Life With Lance Armstrong
Forget Bernanke: A Paper At Jackson Hole May Have Changed The Future Of Economics (a good summary of a lot of different topics)
Three Hours, Four Hours, Whatever
Steven Hirsch, Porn Producer, Tells Republicans To ‘Catch Up… Sex Is Everywhere’ (that so many in the porn industry were favorably disposed towards Republicans, only to have the platform completely bash their business should tell you that anyone can be gulled)
The Postal Service Attack by Republicans is the Canary in the Coal Mine (and Paul Ryan’s wife was part of the assault on USPS)
Bill Moyers: Christian Right Hypocrite Ralph Reed Has Resurrected Himself in the GOP — He Must Be Praying We’ll Forget His Past–Reviving Reed’s sordid role in defending sweatshops that exploited women in the Mariana Islands.
The Surprising Power of the New Hampshire Primary
The Mormon Candidate
As Romney and Ryan lie with abandon, how should journalists navigate post-truth politics?
7 Ways Paul Ryan Wants to Betray His Fellow Generation X-ers
It’s a Screwed-Up World When Prostituted Women Are Arrested More Often Than the Johns Who Abuse and Kill Them
Romneydent for President!
$20 from a safety net
Useful Information
The Evils of Central Planning: A Soviet Factory In Every Uterus!
An Unpublished Comment on Bill Keller’s Blog
Spray and Pray
Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas Speaks Out, Is Smacked Down
In Sentencing Criminals, Is Norway Too Soft? Or Are We Too Harsh?
Why Are the NFL Refs Locked Out? It’s All in the Game

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