Links 8/14/12

Links for you. Science:

Tree’s leaves genetically different from its roots
Genetic study offers clues to history of North Africa’s Jews
Apollo’s Youthful Glow
Is PTSD A Product of War, or Of Our Times? (one thing to keep in mind is that, regarding combat trauma, modern warfare is very different from warfare as traditionally conducted)
Here It Comes: Super Gonorrhea :-/


Romney and Ryan’s Disastrous Economic Plan (well-written & must-read)
Why do people assume Fareed Zakaria’s plagiarism was the work of an intern or ghost-writer?
Capital Gains Cuts: Why the Ryan Tax Plan Goes in the Exact Wrong Direction
Bob Ryan says goodbye after 44 years
Paul Ryan and the New Politics of Sadism
Ryan’s Follies: A Crushing Burden of Public Debt
Paul Ryan’s Guru Ayn Rand Worshipped a Serial Killer Who Kidnapped and Dismembered Little Girls
Laugh out Loud: The Vixen Index (and other recession indicators)
Why You Should Be Wary of Price Discrimination in the Retail World
“The average income of the bottom 90 percent fell 13.5 percent.”
Got Mail? Go get it — the Postal Service has other plans (and it’s worth noting that the budget crisis is almost entirely Congress’ fault, by forcing USPS to overfund its pension fund at a level that would bankrupt any company)
Problems Riddle Moves to Collect Credit Card Debt
When are you going to start shooting the geese on the Back Bay Fens? (also applies to the Esplanade)

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