Great Minds Think Alike: The Bain Bust Out Edition

After reading Matt Taibbi’s recent post where he briefly refers to Bain Capital as a mob bust out, I’m calling priority. Long before the cool kids were calling Bain Capital a mob bust out, the Mad Biologist was (from “How to Extract Wealth, Mitt Romney Style: The Bain Bust Out“):

This is not Schumpter’s creative destruction, this is looting.

When the mob does this, we recognize it as fraud. When men from good schools with nice, conservative suits do this, it’s called financial engineering, even though it’s really no different in kind (video has not-safe-for-work language).

Even tagged the Goodfellas clip.

I called this in January. Really, this shit is not hard, you just have to be paying attention.

Hopefully, I won’t be plagarized….

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4 Responses to Great Minds Think Alike: The Bain Bust Out Edition

  1. Dude. This is why I read you when I can.

  2. “Hopefully, I won’t be plagarized….”

    Hey, I copy/pasted this to my blog back in February! Hopefully nobody is going to plagiarize my plagiarism, or I’ll know what to do about it!
    In fairness, these guys are so transparent that even the slowest thinkers outside our Mass Media are beginning to notice. It tells you a lot that even with that, the Presidential race is not clearly 90:10 to Obama. It tells you that (a) Obama is an unreasonably conservative politician in times where we need a historically aware and reasonably competent politician, and that (b) an awful lot of Americans are both very gullible (cf Barnum, PT) and a lot more prejudiced against non-whites that they might care to admit. Most people are stupid, sure, but you have to be not only stupid, but also really gullible to swallow the trash the GOP is feeding the media to feed to us.

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