Does Orszag Have Any Conflicts of Interest Regarding the Postal Service?

A while ago, I criticized former Obama administration official and now Goldman-Sachs employee Peter Orszag for willfully misstating the cause of the Postal Service’s fiscal crisis (a ridiculous pension obligation foisted upon it by Congress). While Orszag has come under fire from many quarters, no one is asking the obvious question: does Orszag and his employer Goldman-Sachs stand to gain if the Postal Service is privatized?

Goldman-Sachs is already investing in recidivism reduction programs in New York City, so this isn’t ridiculous (and how long will it be before we see recidivism derivatives?). With privatization of USPS, there are all sorts of ways to earn money extract resources from the Post Office (the obvious being managing the pension fund).

I have no problem with Orszag calling for privatization (other than it being a fucking idiotic idea that solves a non-problem). But like some former generals, employed by contractors, who don’t disclose what their employers stand to gain from U.S military and foreign policies, Orszag is ‘leveraging’ his former credibility as a government employee for personal gain.

You can be a statesman or a salesman, but not both.

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