Links 7/30/12

Links for you. Science:

New Retrofit Can Turn Any Car into A Hybrid
Future of the human microbiome project (HMP) at NIH?
Exploring the Mind of the Mountain Gorilla
Metagenomics, Lyme Disease, and the Tyrolean Iceman’s Tattoos
An ant that protects herself with… um… butt foam


Mavericks don’t whine (thought the same thing when I saw the NY Times article; as usual, Lance nails it)
The History of the NRA Is *Really* Interesting (must-read)
Libor Manipulation Well Known in London by 1991
Microsoft’s Lost Decade
Horrors! Unpublished Study Used to Raise Health Questions About Fracking
A Washington reporter’s review of Barofsky’s book is unintentionally revealing
Friends Can’t Let Friends Vote Republican
On Algebra, High Expectations, and the Common Core
Inkblot: the original LOL Cat
If it weren’t for bad luck there’s be no luck at all?
The Short Life and Lonely Death of Sabrina Seelig
Led by an innocent into a web of evil (these agents are heroes)
No Peter Orszag, Let’s NOT Privatize the US Postal Service: The chutzpah of a former OMB director turned Citigroup profiteer
Time to face facts on gun control

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