Now, That’s a Move!

One of the things I really hadn’t seen before I came to Boston, which has a lot of houses without elevators and tight staircases, is the use of cranes to move in and out of apartments. Really:

Corner of Beacon and Arlington Streets

Lower it, lower it:


A bit more:


The Eagle has landed:


Never a dull moment.

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3 Responses to Now, That’s a Move!

  1. george.w says:

    That might explain something about the popularity of IKEA…

  2. Joel says:

    Indeed. I recently moved to Newcastle (in England) and the second place I looked at was on the sixth story with no lift. Yikes. Narrow winding and rather creaky stairs two. The first had been on the third story, same deal. Anyway, after that, “lift” went on the checklist.

  3. bad Jim says:

    That’s nothing. In Amsterdam, houses fronting on canals often have hoist beams for lifting loads from boats.

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