When the War on Science Collides With Economic Development, the Result Is Gov. Nikki Haley

In today’s adventures in Batshitloonitarianism, South Carolina governor and rightwing rising star Nikki Haley has decided to retard her state’s economic growth by cutting South Carolina’s contribution to the Sea Grant program.

Unless you’re a marine biologist or involved in aquaculture, you’ve probably never heard of the Sea Grant Program, which is a federally administered, but locally governed grant program that funds research in marine biology. Since movement conservatives love establishing their slavering Uruk-hai cred by dumbing down America as much as they possibly ca, Governor Haley has vetoed South Carolina’s contribution to the state’s Sea Grant program. Because Sea Grant in South Carolina funds wasteful, Un-American programs like these:

  • Working with shrimp fishermen to help improve their catches and better market their product (more info)
  • Studying how rising sea temperatures are affecting economically important oysters and fish in local estuaries (more info)
  • Working with homeowners to reduce pollution runoff and reduce harmful algae blooms (more info)
  • Analyzing factors contributing to the decline in local blue crab populations (and catches) (more info)
  • Designing shrimp aquaculture technology with a minimal environmental impact (more info)
  • Working with coastal developers to improve the hurricane resistance of houses (more info)
  • A study of the critical spawning habitat for local economically important flounder species (more info)
  • Working with community leaders and local government to plan future sustainable development (more info)
  • A training program for local tourism businesses to help them run more sustainably and cost-efficiently (more info)
  • Attempting to minimize the environmental impact of beach renourishment projects on local fisheries (more info)
  • Helping to develop academic curriculums that focus on the ocean and the associated coastal economy (more info)
  • Working with industry leaders and regulators to develop best practices for aquaculture and fisheries (more info)
  • Monitoring coastal erosion patterns and issuing recommendations to developers (more info)

I can’t imagine how any of these programs could possibly be useful to her state.

Conservatives claim that the states are ‘laboratories of democracy’ but I don’t think ‘meth lab of democracy’ is a good idea.

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