Links 7/15/12

Links for you. Science:

How Your Chicken Dinner Is Creating a Drug-Resistant Superbug
Investigation: Drug Resistance, Chicken And 8 Million UTIs
FERN/ABC Report Reveals Link Between Bladder Infections and Overuse of Antibiotics in Chicken
An Invasive Plant Is Killing Wombats in Australia
Is Future-Use DNA Sampling Ethical?
The Dead Sea is Dying: Can A Controversial Plan Save It?


The Picky Eater Who Came to Dinner (nearly everyone in this story is an asshole: unless you have a legitimate health reason, such as allergies, the onus, within reason, is on you as a guest. I say this as someone who has had to deal with keeping kosher)
Corporations are People, My Friend
You Gotta do What You Gotta Do
BPPA Members Should Probably Read This (Shit Boston Cops Say Follow-Up)
Right Man’s Burden
Judge Shuts Down Debtor’s Prison in Alabama
No Bain, No Gain
Penn State should not play football
All Politics Is National
The Shopping Mall Turns 60 (and Prepares to Retire) (one thing no one talks about regarding the demise of the shopping mall is that, as suburban traffic congestion has become worse, the time costs of going downtown versus the mall have shrunk, or even swung the other way)
A Brief History of American Bookmobiles…in Pictures
Mitt the Jackal
Packing the Parachutes
The Shocking Truth About Joe Paterno, Penn State and Governor Tom Corbett
Return of the Straphanger Nation
Penn State’s Rep Proves to Be False Triumph of Paterno Marketing
Two fists full of dollars for Romney

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