Links 7/11/12

Links for you. Science:

A Woman Against Death: Why Microbiologist Alice C. Evans Is My Hero
Worst TB outbreak in 20 years kept secret: State rushes closure of its only TB hospital in Lantana (what’s shameful is that they didn’t care because the sick were poor and indigent. Like an infectious disease cares…)
New Science Papers Prove NASA Failed Big Time In Promoting Supposedly Earth-Shaking Discovery That Wasn’t
My fake Cosmo cover (funny)
A Gold Rush in the Abyss (oh good, another ecosystem we can plunder and destroy)


Is Union Busting to Blame for Power Outages in DC?
New York Times, Gretchen Morgenson Applaud British, Issue Challenge To American Regulators Over LIBOR Scandal
Should Food Stamps Only Pay for Healthy Food?
Oakland City Council Demands Debt-Swap Renegotiation With Goldman Sachs
Bain Bashing – The Folly of Modern Business Theory
What You Add Is What You Get
Religion among professors (it doesn’t surprise me that science professors are actually more affiliated with religion than humanities professors)
Housing’s Last Chance?
Contraception Could Reduce Maternal Mortality by One-Third in Some Countries
So I Need To “Be An Adult” About Fraud Eh?
Whose Incentives?
U.S. moderates aren’t in the middle
Entitlement to Public Health
The Human Cost of Eliminating General Assistance in Pennsylvania
Serena Williams and Getting ‘Emotional’ for Title IX
Is it okay to have a baby before tenure?

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