Links 7/6/12

Links for you. Science:

“Why Do We Have to Learn This Stuff?”—A New Genetics for 21st Century Students
Lists of Genomics Software/Service Providers
Brown physicists celebrate apparent Higgs discovery
On the merits of science literacy
Tumor microenvironment helps skin cancer cells resist drug treatment


Value (must-read)
China Says No More Shark Fin Soup at State Banquets
After work? For 80% of Americans, ‘after’ is disappearing
I’m Jealous Of Independence Day
Using psychology to silence your enemies: the speech-jammer gun
Special Report: Crisis forces “dismal science” to get real
How Anonymous Picks Targets, Launches Attacks, and Takes Powerful Organizations Down
Fireworks and lightning over the Tobin Bridge
The Lazy Trap
Wind Manufacturer Plans 165 Layoffs In Pennsylvania Due To Congressional Inaction On Key Tax Credit (once we go extinct, and the cockroach people take over, they will be amazed at our stupidity and veniality)
Let Me Be The First to Second the Recommendation for Compulsory Diaperization of the GMU Economics Department
Why is JSTOR so difficult (for idiots like me) to use? (good points about digital divide)
Men vs. Women: How familiar are you with the term ‘hydraulic fracturing’ (sometimes referred to as ‘fracking’)?
Fake Centrists say the Darnedest Things

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