Links 6/13/12

Links for you. Science:

Natural history collections –- why are they relevant?
An Acromyrmex disciger leafcutter ant carries a leaf back to her nest.
Other Resources for Defending Evolution
Physicists, Stop the Churlishness
A slimehead by any other name should never be on your plate


Alabama Appeals Court Reverses Decision on Chain of Title Case, Ruling Hinges on Question of Bogus Allonges (I’ve discussed allonges before; this is like showing up in court with a piece of construction paper, on which scribbled in crayon is “I HAZ TEH LONE”)
Cognitive psychology research helps us understand confusion about working-class voters
Union basics the media often gets wrong—and ways right-wing messaging sneaks into labor coverage (must-read)
More about Our Brave New World (how about having bracelets that measure hunger, psychological street and sleep deprivation? Just asking)
Mop-Up Operations Resume As Voters Reject Public Pensions, Worker Rights, Liberalism
Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Has Personal Maids, an iPad, and a More Glamorous Existence Than You (this is why we should raise marginal income tax rates)
How the Obama administration is making the US media its mouthpiece
How Banks Could Return the Favor
How Racist Are We? Ask Google
Five myths about swing states
Paying mortgage isn’t a top priority in tough times, research shows: A financial expert says the traditional payment hierarchy has shifted, and that consumers are worried more about their cars and credit cards than their homes (and, if you lose your home, you can always sleep in your car…)
Little wingnut monsters: even if you don’t feed them, they grow up anyway
The most awesomest piece of legislation EVAH!

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