Links 6/4/12

Links for you. Science:

Superstars of botany: Rare specimens
Can GMO Mosquitoes Save You From Dengue? (I think this will work out fine, but not informing people is stupid and arrogant. Not helping)
Salt, We Misjudged You
Open access will bankrupt us, publishers’ report claims
Let’s Not Call It “Computer Science” If We Really Mean “Computer Programming”


The Lousy Jobs Number & Obama’s Original Sin (this outcome was not only predictable but predicted; also, how has the administration failed to let anyone know that some additional stimulus was passed? Not helping themselves)
Repairing Roads Can End All Kinds of Gridlock (I’ve been saying this for three years. This shit isn’t hard)
It All Comes Down to Race: Your opinions on health care reform, taxes, and even the president’s dog come down to racial bias (a little strong in the title, but the data are sound)
Five Years Gone (damn, I miss Gilliard too)
How bad can “corporate socialism” get? David Cay Johnston gives us a glimpse (it’s odd how ‘winners and losers’ arguments are never trotted out except when it’s something conservatives don’t like…)
Students shun economics to learn about the economy
The Injunction On The NDAA
The Amazon Effect
Wage Theft: A Crime Without Punishment?
Scapegoating: Shit is Fucked Up and Bullshit
Why Bloomberg Is Right
Thoughts on Romney and Higher Ed
WHY I AM CHALLENGING JONAH GOLDBERG TO A FIGHT FOR CHARITY, BY JAMIE KILSTEIN (there’s actually a serious point: ‘joking’ about violence against the left ain’t cool)
Elites and Intellectual Failure
Obscenity: I Know it When I See It

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2 Responses to Links 6/4/12

  1. hipparchia says:

    it all comes down to race? really?

    from the slate article: “Even Bo Obama fell into this matrix; racists looked less favorably on a picture of the president’s dog when they learned the identity of his owner. ”

    replace the word “identity” in that sentence with “race” instead [as in, the poll respondents never know WHOSE dog it is, only the owner’s skin color] and i might believe it.

    i’d be willing to bet that if obama had been some composite reincarnation of lbj and fdr — giving us all higher wages, much lower unemployment, free health care, REAL mortgage modification, and dependable, non-usurious banks — that a lot of the racists would sorta kinda maybe decide that at least some black people aren’t so bad after all.

  2. Well, on the mosquito issue, that’s not really the case. As I said over there:

    They were filing permits to proceed, which were public information, much earlier: . You’ll note that article is from January. In the Miami Herald.

    And it’s too bad to see enviros on the wrong side of Rachel Carson on this one. She was pretty keen on genetic control of insects in Silent Spring:

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