Links 5/26/12

Links for you. Science:

Relics With Much to Tell About Bird Diets May Be Lost to Time
American Physics Dreams Deferred (just build a big-ass collider already)
One-Quarter of Grouper Species Being Fished to Extinction
Unraveling VRSA
Are Vaccines Safe? A Major Media Outlet’s Specious Story Fans the Debate


What Do the World’s Most Powerful Pesticide Honchos Eat For Dinner? (I wish more reporters were this gutsy)
The Problem With Polling About Moral Beliefs (I think the other issue is that most value systems, even those belonging to skeptics, are syncretic and thus inconsistent)
Job creationist–best phrase EVAH!
Conservatives Trying To Rewrite The History Of Civil Rights
Hiring a Clown for Your Party (it’s hard to believe that politicians are this stupid. But, tragically, I think they are)
This Week in the Laboratories of Democracy
Advocates battle to save lead-poisoning program (I wrote about this topic a while ago)
Three Important Distinctions In How We Talk About Test Scores
TO BE CLEAR: The Facebook Estimates That Analysts Cut Were More Like Company Guidance Than “Estimates” (to be clearer, the big boys got information other investors did not. Same old same old…)
Think Again: The Conservative War on Knowledge
Stupid Shit Andrew Sullivan Says, Ctd.
The Math

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