Links 5/25/12

Links for you. Science:

Genomes Show How Staph Bacteria Gain Resistance to Last-Line Drug: NIH-Funded Scientists Trace Origin and Development of Vancomycin-Resistant S. Aureus
Tarbosaurus on Trial
Should Peer Review be Rejected?
NIH study shows poor quality malaria drugs pose threat
Making Big Data work in genetics


Today’s GOP: Worst Political Party Since the Civil War: The last time things got this bad was about 150 years ago — and we needed a Civil War to resolve it.
How The Blue Dog/DCCC Axis Really Operates
A voice from the past – budget deficits are neither good nor bad
Catholic bishops coordinate lawsuits against Obama administration over birth control mandate
The real “secret” Obama
Labor judge overturns union election at Target
Public Money/Private Schools…Don’t Let the Hulk See This (my take here)
Why Progressive Austerians do the Greatest Damage
10 Reasons To Be Suspicious About Wall Street’s Facebook Fiasco
Another post about manufactured housing
A Life Worth Ending: The era of medical miracles has created a new phase of aging, as far from living as it is from dying. A son’s plea to let his mother go.
Listen up, doctors: Here’s how to talk to your patients
Wall St. ruins Facebook: The social network’s debacle of a public offering exposes, once again, the rotten heart of finance
For Native American Women, Scourge of Rape, Rare Justice

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