Links 5/22/12

Links for you. Science:

Evaluating a 1981 temperature projection (people seem to forget that error bars go both ways)
Test All Baby Boomers for Hepatitis C, CDC Urges
Global Warming: An Exclusive Look at James Hansen’s Scary New Math: A new analysis by the NASA climatologist for the first time ties specific weather events to human-induced climate change
The end of fish, in one chart
Functional genomics gets tiny


Silicon Valley Can Do Better Than Facebook
The BBC and “The Jews”
Making Schools Work
From Cubicles, Cry for Quiet Pierces Office Buzz
Africa is experiencing some of the biggest falls in child mortality ever seen, anywhere
Digital archivists: technological custodians of human history
Mich. “Democrat” Roy Schmidt pulls ultimate dick move, jumps to GOP too late for another Dem to run
Inflation, Credibility, and Expectations: Again Some More
Do They Know Any Older People?
Mr. George Tierney, Jr. of Greenville, South Carolina
The Indian Wars and Elizabeth Warren’s Problem
Rich Karlgaard: The Future Is More Than Facebook. Social media is already passé in Silicon Valley. America’s innovation engine is now focused on transportation, energy and manufacturing.
Commerce Department Slaps Large Tariff on Chinese Solar Panels
Ignorance Is Strength: House of Representatives Edition

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  1. Someone says:

    Well, some fish are doing okay,
    But that may not be so nice.

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