Links 5/15/12

Links for you. Science:

Dogs Feel Your Pain
Easter island heads have bodies!??
Oh the irony – new #OpenAccess #PLoSOne paper on Research Blogs doesn’t share data behind analyses. (my thoughts on Open Data)
Jeff Flake’s plan to politicize the National Science Foundation
Research Blogs and the Discussion of Scholarly Information


In Education, Small Ponds Create Bigger Fish
Warren Buffett Is A Punk
Colleges as Merchants of Debt
California Committing Educational Suicide
A New Declaration of Independence: 10 Ideas for Taking America Back from the 1%
Congress turns its attention to… America’s helium crisis
2012 vs. 1984: Young adults really do have it harder today
On Mother’s Day, How Paid Sick Leave Would Help Single Moms
Pepsi Ads, 1950s
An Open Letter to People Who Judge My Single, Post-College Lifestyle.
Student Debt at Colleges and Universities Across the Nation
Germans Can’t Fathom US Aversion to Obama’s Healthcare Reform
Bad Mommy Magazine
Fox’s John Stossel visits union offices claiming to be filming ‘beautiful buildings.’ Yeah, right.

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