Links 4/30/12

Links for you. Science:

Physicists see solution to critical barrier to fusion
From First Cold To Grave: How Two-Month-Old Brady Died Of Pertussis
Science & self-promotion
Urban Buzz: A New Bee That Sips Sweat
Don’t Just Sit There


The Limits to Environmentalism (for a counterargument see “A Critique Of The Broken-Record Counterfactual Message of The New York Times On Environmentalists and Scientists“)
Why the Streets of Copenhagen and Amsterdam Look So Different From Ours
Testing-driven education means giant corporate profits and ‘pineapples don’t have sleeves’
Your Prayers Can’t Fix Me. I Don’t Need to be Fixed
Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal
MBTA closing doors on Green Line’s free-riders
America’s Top 25 Cities For Public Transportation (scores should be interpreted with a grain of salt; the real metric should be car ownership adjusted for poverty, and the number of people who don’t use a car to get to work or shop)
Cheney and Manning: A Modest Proposal
How Bain Capital made us fat
Crit Quant
Why I could be a much better economist than I am
Why Low Minimum Wages Kill Jobs and Crush Living Standards for Everyone

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