Links 4/27/12

Links for you. Science:

Your ability to imagine a number line may not be hardwired after all
In the oceans, aliens lie hidden and waiting
White House Promotes a Bioeconomy (report here)
The Use of Antibiotics in Shrimp Farming
Comparison of Benchtop Sequencers


Behind the Right’s Phony War on the Nonexistent Religion of Secularism
EXCLUSIVE: DOES THIS GIRL LOOK LIKE A TERRORIST? (she’s seven years old and has cerebral palsy. What the fuck is wrong with people?)
Prison Industries: “Don’t Let Society Improve or We Lose Business”
Why Does Uncle Sam Borrow?
Making heavy weather of economic forecasting: Predictions of economic growth are supposed to be ‘seasonally adjusted’, but it’s astonishing how many economists miss context
The flaws in prosecuting mothers who suffer from drug addiction
How American municipalities can learn from Parisian mistakes
“Gangbang Interviews” and “Bikini Shots”: Silicon Valley’s Brogrammer Problem (they’re still nerds, just asshole nerds)
Tucker Carlson’s downward spiral
‘Do I give off a slut vibe?’ A professor addresses sexism in the Ivy League
Republican Denialists Out In The Cold On Climate Change
Marco Rubio and the Anti-American American Dream

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