Links 4/21/12

Links for you. Science:

Homeland Security’s ‘Pre-Crime’ Screening Will Never Work (good point about false positives)
Did Someone Order an Instant Bridge?
It’s the incentive structure, people! Why science reform must come from the granting agencies.
Hot spring yields hybrid genome
Roche Drops Illumina Bid on Concerns of Flawed Technology (the Betamax-VHS analogy is not what’s happening here)


National Review’s John O’Sullivan: On the Board of Directors of a White Nationalist Group
Ann Romney, Working Woman?
Mark Ames: Death By Foreclosure Killings and Staff Sgt. Roger Bales (although it should also be noted that Bales was not exactly an innocent when it came to finance)
For a Healthier Country, Overhaul Farm Subsidies
Debunking another big conservative lie about the economy
The Future of Vocational Education
Just try getting a doctor’s appointment in America on the spur of the moment
I went to some of D.C.’s better schools. I was still unprepared for college.
From Financial Crisis to Stagnation: An Interview with Thomas Palley
EXCLUSIVE: Barney Frank, Brad Miller Launch Sneak Attack on OCC, Federal Reserve
NAFTA and Free Trade Do Not Belong in the Same Sentence
How not to report on the public schools!
Misinformation campaign targets USA TODAY reporter, editor

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