Links 4/11/12

Links for you. Science:

What Scientist Shortage?: The Johnny-can’t-do-science myth damages US research (must-read)
Another reason why journals maintain those lengthy pre-publication queues…
Pink Slime and ammonia consumption – the numbers
Research efficiency: Perverse incentives
We may be fatter than we think, researchers report


Are Whites Really Physically Afraid of Black Men?
I feel good knowing there are libraries full of books
Want To Do Meaningful Work? Keep Reading. Literally.
An Easy Way To Check Your Mac For The Flashback Malware
A Dose Of Socialism Could Save Our States – State Sponsored, Single Payer Healthcare Would Bring In Business & Jobs
A Quick Word on John Derbyshire
But such a cracker!
Thoughts on the Derbyshire racist rant
Suck It Up Losers
What’s great, and not, about the Bay State
More Musings on Modern Monetary Theory
Why Some States Do Better Than Others
Corruption Responsible for 80% of Your Cell Phone Bill

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