Observed at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts’ Figure/Fabric/Fantasy exhibit:


This is a mockup of a Macy’s newspaper ad from 1971, which had the caption “Man pants: are you grown up enough to wear them?”

Well, are ya?

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4 Responses to MAN PANTS!

  1. informania says:

    je suis sans culottes

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    I wear shorts, but I don’t shave my legs like that.

  3. John of Indiana says:

    Oh, yeah, I like short shorts, even though I’m really too damn fat to wear them now. When I looked like that I wore them all summer.
    Never could get into the below-the-knee cargo pant thing, or the 6X T-shirt.

  4. Art says:

    Definitely a look for men who are in shape. Back in the 70s I used to wear short-shorts in the summer. Something of an accepted style for younger men down here in Florida before board-shorts, which remind me of the old knickers from the 20s, took over the market. I’m a bit wider now and couldn’t pull it off even if I wanted to, and nobody I knew ever shaved their legs. The college swim team might have. The contrasting pocket patches emphasizing crotch and rear, the shirt open to the navel, and the porn stash all started as indicators of generalized sexual vigor.

    Seems the mainstream have shifted away from the look even as the gay community failed to give it up so I doubt it will return to mainstream any time soon as it has taken on connotations originally unintended. Walk round in those now and people are going to make assumptions about your sexual orientation. The first comment about how your name is ‘Neal or Bob’ and those short will never again see the light of day. It is too steep a hill to climb for most men not looking for Mr Right.

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