Some Republican Congressional Staffers Have Very Interesting ‘Hobbies’

And I don’t mean when they make sexytime! You might have heard about the recent idiotic attempt by a Breitbart-wannabee right wing provocateur, John M. Howting, who attempted to go undercover and find incriminating evidence against affiliates of the Industrial Areas Foundation, which was originally founded by Saul Alinsky (who, because he was mentioned by Obama, has posthumously become the Anti-Christ).

Admittedly, ‘Young Republican asshole acts like an asshole’ is hardly news. But what the NY Times story missed, but Athenae at First Draft caught is that Howting is a Congressional staffer who works for Republican Rep. Thad McCotter.

So, what do you think? Was Howting freelancing or did the Congressman put him up to it?

It would never happen, but it would be wonderful if someone asked Rep. McCotter the question.

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