Links 4/2/12

Links for you. Science:

Wellcome Trust gets tough on open access
A Puzzler on Statistical Risk and Fundamental Uncertainty
What’s wrong with economic models?
Public health vs. the mosquito: Pushing back against dengue


Teacher Quality Is Not A Policy
The Irreconcilable Differences of a Health-Care Debate
If The Supremes Say No To Obamneycare, Then Go To Single Payer
Dirty Dancing: Strippers bring prostitution, violence, cops say (the sensationalist title notwithstanding, the trauma counselor’s comments are interesting, especially the “live pornography” angle)
The Iron Grip of Accounting Identities (“Remember, you can never win a battle with an accounting identity.”)
Krugman versus Keen
President Obama’s Message to Planned Parenthood Supporters
Voting patterns of America’s whites, from the masses to the elites
I Dream of Common Wealth
How to kill an abortion bill–Step one: Wait for a politician to say something stupid. Repeat (the problem the anti-abortionists have is that these fundamentally aren’t ‘errors’, but sincerely held beliefs)
The Enduring Consequences of Unemployment
The Last Enclosures
‘A Poor Leader’

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