Links 3/16/12

Merry Erev St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s celebrate with some links! Science:

A tiny bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing
Wily, Elusive Foragers Invade Upstate New York
Why Monsanto Thought Weeds Would Never Defeat Roundup
From Kansas to Kenya, Biochar Can Capture Carbon and Improve Soil
Solar power firms in Mojave desert feel glare of tribes and environmentalists (people seem to forget that deserts are also ecosystems, just like rainforests; they are not the absence of life)


Offensiveness does not make you a better economist (must-read; probably applies to blogging too…)
I’m not a “curator”
Progressive persuasion
MBTA Chooses Neither Scenario; MAPC Issues Warning
The Truth About Nicolle Wallace, Hack
John R. MacArthur: Internet con men ravage publishing (I’ve slowly been moving towards this position regarding newspapers, although The Atlantic seems to provide a possible counterargument)
Unemployment causes higher property and violent crime rates
Americans Like Regulation
People Talk About Things That Are Important to Them
A Bit Of Fantasy Never Did Anybody Any Harm
Danger of bringing a bored husband shopping with you
Don’t you know that it’s different for hippies
Technology In Education: An Answer In Search Of A Problem?
George Miller and the do-gooder caucus double down on No Child Left Behind—A top 10 list

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