Links 3/6/12

Links for you. Science:

Common antibiotic could help cut TB deaths
The Monkey House Ends a 111-Year Run in the Bronx, a Victim of Zoo Evolution
How the sawfish wields its saw… like a swordsman
Scientists and tourists bring thousands of alien seeds into Antarctica


Unemployment matters more than GDP or inflation (I would also include wages)
Birth Control Coverage is Not About Religious Liberty (the last part of the post is must-read)
Limbaugh And The Right-Wing Nervous Breakdown
Confessions of a ‘Bad’ Teacher
Revisiting The “5-10 Percent Solution” (value-added testing is miserable at assessing individual teacher performance, and DiCarlo is a moderate on this issue)
What’s Behind the Slut-Shaming
Did Catholics Pay to Snip Roy Blunt?
The Scourge of Overemployment
This Is What Happens When You Try to Steal a Girl Scout’s Cookie Money
Value-Added Evaluation Hurts Teaching
On the Continuing Oxymoron of Ethics at Harvard
How I Left My Ultra-Orthodox, Ultra-Repressed Hasidic Community (the link between religious violence and male sexual repression is interesting)
What’s so Funny about Rush Limbaugh?

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