Links 2/25/12

Links for you. Science:

Smoking Causes the Body to Turn Against its Own Beneficial Bacteria
This is the worst reproductive strategy in the animal kingdom
The Future of Science Publishing
A group of European Bee-eaters on a branch on a frosty morning in May (this is amazing)
Journals Warned to Keep a Tight Lid on Diesel Exposure Data


Right-Wing Media Group Pledges To Strip Birth Control Out Of Health Plan After Providing It For Years (movement conservatism is utterly insane)
Why Rick Santorum Would Have Killed My Daughter (why prenatal screening matters)
Heartland Affair and Climategate Share Common Thread: Always Blame the Climate Scientists
How to Wreck Your Career With Social Media
Otherwise Good WaPo Article on Modern Monetary Theory Marred by Undeserved Praise of Roosevelt Institute
Rick Santorum Shining a Much-Needed Light On Movement Conservatism
Modern Monetary Theory’s Big Weekend: The Problem with Surpluses (this should make it clear that MMT is not necessarily a liberal theory)
It’s So Hard to Get Good Help
Girl Scouts: The Culture Wars’ Tiniest Soldiers
Woman Adopts Cat That Turns Out to Be a Real Life-Saver

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