Aftermath of a Fire

Saturday night, there was an apartment fire nearby:

A towel placed next to a coffee pot ignited a fire at 271 Newbury St, on the corner of Dartmouth Saturday night – causing about $1 million in damage to the seven-story condo building, and displacing about 25 people.

The two-alarm fire occurred at 12:30 a.m. Although it was confined to one apartment on the 5th floor, there was extensive smoke and water damage to several apartments, including the home furnishing store Madura on the first floor, according to the Boston Fire Department. There were no injuries.

The Red Cross assisted victims on the scene, and they were kept warm on two MBTA buses parked in front of the Boston Public Library.

The link has some of the immediate aftermath photos. But the next day, here’s what the building looked like–you can see the boarded up windows:


Fortunately, the damage was limited, since it’s a nice looking building:


Not to make light of this, but I want my own Tactical Command Unit:


(It seems there’s a business of knocking out and cleaning up burnt out apartments).

Actually, what I really want is my own Structural Collapse Unit (and “We still make house calls!”):


Someone bothers me? COLLAPSE! This would be very useful against my enemies….

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  1. andrewD says:

    Was anyone hurt?

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