Condoms and Antibiotic Resistance

A couple of weeks ago, a report described the increase in gonorrhea strains that are resistant to most antibiotics. Because what we really need is an untreatable version of the clap.

Madame Wev succinctly makes a key point about contraception and public health:

All I could think reading this story is the numbers of young people who contracted gonorrhea during this same period because condoms were not made available to them in the service of bullshit abstinence-only sex ed programs which are a humongo failure.

If fewer STDs are transmitted, we have to treat fewer people for them, meaning less exposure of bacteria to antibiotics. This is one case where we really don’t want to observe TEH DARWINSMZ!! in action.

People have sex, even if bishops and other prelates and preachers wish to pretend otherwise. So when people have sex, we can either enable the spread of disease or help people protect themselves and others.

Because, like Honey Badger, Neisseria gonorrhoeae don’t give a shit about your moral hangups.

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