Links 2/14/12

Links for you. Science:

Going Hog Wild: Weaning Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs Out Of Pork
NASA Mars program facing steep budget cuts (this is why misunderstanding fiat currency is so disastrous: NASA has a money shortage, not a personal or infrastructure shortage)
The Mystery of Exploding Pig Poop
The future of publishing
America’s Darwin Problem


Economists: Actively Evil Neoliberal Ideologues or Soulless Technocratic Hacks
Restore a Gateway to Dignity
The Adventure of the Police Officer’s Cap
Facebook IPO Will Boost 1%, But the Rest of Us Won’t Be Sharing: When it comes down to business, FB just looks like another triumph of the superrich. With friends like that, who needs enemies?
A new script for talking about abortion
Liberals Enabled Bishops in Contraception Battle
Rep. Steve King and the scary lightbulbs of scary doom
“You’re Assuming We Thought it Through”
On the Mortgage Settlement: There Is No Political Solution to a Math Problem
Mortgage settlement is great — for politicians and banks: The settlement mostly requires mortgage lenders and servicers to comply with what I would have thought was already the law, which prohibits, you know, criminal fraud.
Charles Murray [perhaps] does a Tucker Carlson, provoking me to unleash the usual torrent of graphs
The Road to Caracol
Religious Freedom? Let the Chimes of Freedom Ring
Stimulus, stimulus, stimulus – a fact is not an exaggeration

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