Links 2/13/12

Links for you. Science:

History of Evolutionary Biology Part 1: Evolution Before Darwin
Illumina’s Board Unanimously Rejects Roche’s Unsolicited Tender Offer as Inadequate
Woodrats: How the Desert’s Smallest Librarians Contributed to Scientific Discovery
Real-life predator battle!
Biology Doesn’t Support Gay Marriage Bans


The Afghanistan Report the Pentagon Doesn’t Want You to Read
Banks, credit card companies setting up good customers to default (so we give money to banks, who then don’t lend money. FREEDOM!)
Mind-Blowing Charts From the Senate’s Income Inequality Hearing
Sneak Preview of “Slavery By Another Name,” Coming Soon to PBS
A Little More on Rent Control
I Don’t Know Why Emily’s List Keeps Sending Me Stuff
‘That’s OK in Practice, But Does it Work in Theory?’
McConnell: GOP Will Fight To Let ANY Employer Deny Birth Control Coverage
Our illness is their profit
Desert Solar Bingo
CPAC Once Again Full of Self-Hating Gay Men Hunting For Gay Sex
Glamour trip: Real snobs don’t ride the subway

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