Links 2/9/12

Links for you. Science:

Stop deifying “peer review” of journal publications
Tiptoeing Toward the Tipping Point (I’ve made a similar argument here)
Boycotting Paper Submissions To Non-Open-Access Journals
MRSA MRSA me: Getting the facts about the superbug in pork
Coelacanths are not living fossils. Like the rest of us, they evolve


D.C. schools: charter or public? (must-read)
David Graeber’s Debt: My First 5,000 Words
Sacrificing the desert to save the Earth: Environmentalists are torn over the high cost of breaking reliance on fossil fuels. Public comment has been sought, but insiders are calling the shots. (some solar power advocates seem to forget that the desert is an ecosystem too, just like rain forests)
The big “O” stands for “omitted variable”
Obama team sadly misinformed by job outsourcers
Why Does Our Infrastructure Resemble a Third World Country’s? One explanation may be our budgeting process.
Look at Me, I’m Stabbing a Star
Must the Rich be Lured into Investing? Who are the Real “Job Creators?”
What Would It Take to Trust Komen Again?
Jennifer Dibbern and Michigan Student Unionization (having been through two student union battles at Yale, this reeks of retaliation)
Dear Jezebel
The Facebook Follies

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