Links 1/31/12

Links for you. Science:

Why There Won’t Be A DNA Sequencing Land Grab
Study Finds Virus to Be Fast Learner on Infecting
The Top 10 Worst Things About Working in a Lab
Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Bioterrorist?
Socialized medicine + personal genomics = ?


A point by point rebuttal to Matt Yglesias’s ill-informed post on the president’s State of the Union address. (must-read; Intelligent Designer, that twerp is causing a lot of trouble)
For your own sake, stop working so hard
The 1% Do Not Appreciate Your Favors (when you factor in that some of them have sociopathic inclinations, this is why you don’t try to make nice with them. It doesn’t work.)
The Impeachment Crisis Of 2015? (did I say something about compromise?)
Destructive Austerity, USA (sigh)
Picking up the $500 Billion Bill on The Ground: Driving the Next Industrial Revolution Through Efficiency
Social democracy and equal opportunity
Fannie and Freddie don’t deserve blame for bubble
A dangerous shift in Obama’s ‘climate change’ rhetoric
5 Biggest Lies About the Right-Wing Corporate-Backed War on Our Schools. Though National School Choice Week has some liberal support, its primary backers are deeply conservative activists whose goal is to dissolve public education in the US. (and, yes, it doesn’t help the poor–that’s a smokescreen)
Train in Vain: The idiotic Department of Transportation rule that’s hobbled America’s mass transit—and the wonderful regulation that may soon replace it. (Yglesias finds a nut!)
Catchy Slogans, Sloppy Ideas (actually, the word you’re looking for is lies)

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