Links 1/21/12

Links for you. Science:

Try anything once? (about fugu)
Nine ways journalists demonstrate they don’t understand science
NIH Director Francis Collins doesn’t understand the problem with CAM
“A sausage a day could lead to cancer”


Economists: A Profession at Sea. How to keep economists from missing the next financial crisis. (must-read)
Report: Romney Millions In Cayman Island Accounts (if this holds up, it confirms what I’ve suspected: Romney’s not worried about the low rates, but the use of tax shelters)
Gingrich: I ‘Don’t See’ Why Calling ‘Food Stamps’ An African-American Issue Is Insulting
Income And Educational Outcomes
Easy To Be Hard: Conservatism and Violence
Governor Romney, Meet Governor Dukakis
Correlation, Causation (economic value of different college majors)
What’s It For
Lowering the Medicare Age to Zero: Duncan Black Snarks
Porn Performer: Why I’m Against Government Mandated Condom Use in Porn (the question is how many people who want to use condoms are pressured into not using them)
The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor
Bloggingheads: Pollitt and Greenwald on Ron Paul
What the GOP’s “Market-Based” Health Care Looks Like
Homeownership and The Economy As Culture War
Once More on Ricardian Equivalence

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  1. HCA says:

    Re: What’s it for? – I could fill that with pets, no problem. Hell, given my taste in pets, I could fill 10x that, assuming my spoilsport neighbors don’t pass any annoying laws about owning crocodiles longer than an SUV.

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