Links 1/18/12

Links for you. Science:

The Unknown Benefits of Dental Plaque
Homeless teen finds success, sees future in science
The Very Real Scaremongering of Ari Levaux
Why did The Atlantic publish this piece trying to link miRNAs and GMOs?


The case for the $6 parking meter (one of the few pieces on this topic that actually discusses the downsides–not that our precious progressive pundits give a shit)
New Report: Does Money Matter? (on education)
Not So Global (a point about manufacturing I’ve made before)
Rightbloggers Rush to Defend Mitt Romney — The Corporate Raider, Not the Candidate (he’s a looter, that’s all)
When Romney ran Bain Capital, his word was not his bond (um, looting?)
What’s Race Got to Do With It?
Loggers ‘burned Amazon tribe girl alive’ (sociopaths: not just for boardrooms anymore)
Real Financial Regulators Love Prosecutions of Fraudulent Bank CEOs
“Business Leaders of Today are Not Capitalists”
It was Patriots 45, Broncos 10, NOT Patriots 45, Tebow 10
NPR hack apologizes for Wall Street
Wah! (on condom use in porn. My take: it should be mandatory because not using them can kill you)
As a Broader Group Seeks Early Admission, Rejections Rise in the East (the one percent is very cranky!)
Teachers Matter. Now What?

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  1. Leo says:

    Here’s another excellent article about NPR’s Adam Davidson, in addition to the Doug Henwood post you linked to: Mr. Davidson’s Planet: NPR/NYT Guru Adam Davidson’s Discredited Economic Principles. Davidson isn’t involved with Planet Money much anymore, and they do seem to be doing a lot better, but as Lynn Parramore noted in her Alternet piece about Davidson, they’re radio hosts, not economists, so they tend to uncritically accept whatever their experts say. Of course, none of those experts are ever anything other than neo-liberal.

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