This Guy Works for the MBTA? FOR REALZ?

If so, the MBTA is the most awesome mass transit system EVAH! By way of Universal Hub, I came across this Boston Herald website which is designed to whip up hatred against state employees tells us how much MBTA employees earn. So someone (not me) on a whim, looked for a certain last name and found this:


$118,000 per year is pretty god, although it seems to be small beans compared to conquering much of Eurasia.

I guess his career really took a nose dive after failing to sack Vienna.

Mitt Romney would have sacked Vienna. He likes sacking people.

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3 Responses to This Guy Works for the MBTA? FOR REALZ?

  1. physicalist says:

    Did they have an age listed?

  2. Sean says:

    So the former ruler of much of the world only makes $29.02 an hour? And he has to work over 26 hours of overtime a week to do so?
    Ouch, how the mighty have fallen…*x%3D1160.80%2C+40*x+%2B+y*1.5*x+%3D+118524.8%2F52

    (Feel free to refine, I ignored vacation, but the second equation could easily be altered to factor that in)…

  3. HCA says:

    There is only one proper response to this news:


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