Links 1/9/12

Links for you. Science:

Vaccinating Children Is a Social Responsibility We Can Not Afford To Shirk
American Space Exploration Leadership — Why and How
Eric Lander on “missing heritability”; appetizer for the papers and the media
The Autism Vaccine Controversy and the Need for Responsible Science Journalism


The Rick Santorum that America doesn’t know
Here’s What Romney’s Unreleased Tax Returns Almost Certainly Hide (the shocking part is that it’s all legal)
Michael Hastings: McChrystal Was ‘Complex,’ Obama Was Naive, Afghanistan Is Hopeless
Rick Santorum’s Anti-Abortion Politics Would Have Killed His Own Wife
Big Study Links Good Teachers to Lasting Gain
Focusing On The Wrong Thing
Sunrise, sunset
Lee Ann Torrans sends me an email
Santorum’s ‘Freedom’ is Pretty Much Slavery
A Decade of No Child Left Behind
How US Policies Fueled Mexico’s Great Migration
Pity Tim Tebow. Seriously.
Annals of Republican Policy Weirdness: Santorum Edition (do as I say, not as I do)
The Job Guarantee and the MMT Core: Part Three, A Reply to John Carney
Rick Santorum on women’s rights (not really)
Surprise! Gender equality makes everyone better at math!
The Myth of Japan’s Failure

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4 Responses to Links 1/9/12

  1. JG says:

    The Rick Sanatorium link is malfunctional.

    Otherwise, keep up the good work — this blog is a national treasure.

  2. Hank Roberts says:

    suggested read, before getting too excited about the recently announced fisheries protections:

    Brief summary as excerpt:
    “… the current policy is overwhelmed by the negatives: that basically it was designed as a gift to corporations, creating a new commodity. And, incidentally,one with impacts on fuel rights and waterway control – especially in an age in which new waterways will be opening up because of global warming.

    So, this isn’t an unalloyed good. But it takes so much effort to bring people up to speed on what’s going on that I think small-scale fishermen feel pretty hopeless about it all. We hear loud and clear we need to fish less; discussions about how to fish, and who should be fishing, and who should own the right to fish, are so complex that people tune out, and then we no longer have the people running the policy…”

  3. Hank Roberts says:

    Oh, this is a better quote:

    “… Those fishermen all have existing fishing licenses. This means that when costs keep rising and your allotted share is too low, you finally decide to throw in the towel and get out of the fishing business. That’s fine. But what happens to your license?

    Under (US-style) catch shares, your license is going to go up for grabs in your sector as an auctionable commodity. This is the crucial difference and here is where to pay attention to discover why corporate interests care about this.

    Fishing licenses that go up for auction are now commodities. This means they can not only be owned, they can be traded and bet on like stocks. Shareholders and a market will be able to get involved in what happens to fishing rights and licenses….”

    What could go wrong?

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