Links 1/1/12

Happy New Year! I’m definitely not ready for it to be 2012. Let’s distract ourselves with some links. Science:

Are We Trading Away the Education of Future Astronomers?
NCCAM Criticism from a Not-Quite-Opponent
North American mammal evolution tracks with climate change
The Fat Trap


Normal People Shouldn’t Need To “Invest”
Marginal revolutionaries: The crisis and the blogosphere have opened mainstream economics up to new attack
What Your Favorite Classic Rock Band Says About You.
Debunking the “Ron Paul Cares About Civil Liberties” Myth
Ladies, Meet The Republican Presidential Candidates
Vocabulary score by race, ethnicity, and region (suffice it to say, Razib and I differ greatly on what we think we can conclude from IQ testing. Regardless, the data are interesting)
Stop the Presses: U.S. Printer Bails (the Republicans are stalling the nomination for government printer. This is insane)
Best Foonote EVAH!
My Plan to Eliminate Annoying Robocalls
Driving has lost its cool for young Americans (lots of good points here)
Keynes Was Right
The Burden of Debt, Again Again
Stingy Parents

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