Links 12/29/11

Links for you. Science:

Science and Secrecy – Continued (must-read)
The Brain-Eating “Amoeba” Strikes Again
A mediocre man’s great son, a great man’s mediocre son
US approves new nuclear reactor design


Shallow Be Thy Name
Whose Tea Party Is It?
Mitt Romney: The Real Austerity Candidate
Did Nixon have a gay affair with a Mafia fixer? Forget Watergate. A new book claims America’s most corrupt President hid a far more personal scandal… (WHEEE!!!!)
Does Millionaire Sen. Ben Nelson’s Desire To Leave A “Bigger Estate” Affect His Voting Record?
The Tyranny of Defense Inc.
Six common myths about global and US energy issues
Bob Woodward Tells Us Now What He Knew About Newt Gingrich Two Decades Ago
Time Warner Cable raises prices well beyond rate of inflation (Quelle surprise!)
Historic Grumpiness
The Big Lie: Wall Street has destroyed the wonder that was America.
Why McDonald’s Failed to Win Over Bolivians and Closed its Stores

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