Links 12/22/11

Links for you. Science:

The wisdom of crowds: The strange but extremely valuable science of how pedestrians behave
Nanopatch vaccines, no needles required
MINUSTAH Must Take Responsibility for Causing Cholera Epidemic That’s Killed 7,000 People, CEPR Co-Director Says
NIH Director Jumps the Gun With Memo Announcing New Center


Duncan Black on the Great Shirk (short, to the point; the first comment is worth reading too)
Report: Plan B Unavailable a Third of the Time
Matt Reed: Repeal of lightbulb ‘ban’ a dim move
Hitchens, gossip columnist of genius
Fingerprint evidence: not exactly what CSI showed you
Street art utopia
If a government won’t create jobs, it must provide income support
Robert Samuelson: “Bye Bye Darwin?”
A Former Treasury Adviser On How To Really Fix Wall Street (well, this, and arresting people who broke the law)
The Great Economic Divide Makes Everyone Poorer
The Defining Issue: Not Government’s Size, but Who It’s For
Could We Redirect Tax Subsidies to Pay for Free College? (lots of key points in this one)
Paul Ryan stuffed the ballot box

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