You Can’t Defeat the Elephant Shrew Cuteness

You just can’t. I hereby declare that I win the internets (the Great Elephant Shrewquake begins at around 2:00, followed by the Great Elephant Shrew Eruption at around 3:00; 4:00 has some funny nose twitch action):

(taken at the National Zoo, Washington D.C.)

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2 Responses to You Can’t Defeat the Elephant Shrew Cuteness

  1. ed wolf says:

    To me the Pyrenean Desman will be my eternal No1 in cuteness. This Elephant Shrew you are proposing is just too sleek and pretty for anything above No2. To me , real cuteness needs something pitifully ugly, my personal No2 is, of course, the Aardvark. Plain ugliness, together with a beautiful personality, do not get far, the Naked mole rat is way down the list. For sheer cuteness of a species, baby animals do not really count, but :

    Ed Wolf

  2. Walt Garage says:

    West African Pygmy Hedgehog rules!

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