Caption Contest: The Chase Bank Edition

I think this photo from New York City by Justin Brauner needs a caption:

(by Justin J. Brauner)

Here are my two suggestions:

1) “Excuse me, could one of you tell me the rate on a 5-year CD is?”
2) “Let’s see those guys from The Town try to rob this fucking bank!”

Leave yours in comments.

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20 Responses to Caption Contest: The Chase Bank Edition

  1. Sideshow Bill says:

    I’m sorry sir, your account isn’t large enough for our premium services such as individual police protection.

  2. george.w says:

    “If that damn George Bailey shows up, you know what to do!”

  3. JG says:

    “If I hear one more person calling me Judge Dredd I’ll . . .”

  4. Bob says:

    “You say you’d like to close your account?”

  5. John Danley says:

    “Enjoy greater peace of mind with FDIC assurance on all student accounts.”

  6. mk says:

    The true meaning of Xmas.

  7. HCA says:

    “Today only, free donuts with each new account!”

  8. What’s in your wallet? Besides the blood from the head bashing you received.

  9. hannah's dad says:

    “Huh? Whadayamean we’re lackeys of the capitalist class??”

  10. John Savage says:

    chanted, loudly:
    “Who do we serve?!! Who do we protect?!!”

  11. CC says:

    Chase offering Black Friday door busting deals.

  12. albanaeon says:

    “Deposit $1,000,000 or more and get this free set of faceless goons FREE!”

  13. eNeMeE says:

    “Larry, Tom, put your goddamned faceguards down! That pepper spray hurts!”

  14. jjbrauner says:

    FYI: This is in Portland. Thanks for the link!

  15. Evan says:

    I’ve never seen so many prostitutes working the same corner before.

  16. Darkling says:

    So, you have a small problem with the public?

  17. Min says:

    Anybody seen the puck?

  18. joemac53 says:

    Hey, anybody seen Darth….or Cheney?

  19. Drivebyposter says:

    Chase? We’ll chase anyone and anything you pay us to.

  20. WIngingby says:

    When the wicked witch sold out to Chase, we didn’t know the deal included losing our monkey wings! What do we do now?

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